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How to buy a newly built home

The journey towards a new home may start for a number different reasons. You may have been considering it for a long time or suddenly find your dream home when you least expect it. But what happens in-between finding your new home and finally getting the keys in your hand?

  1. Register your interest
    Have you found a place that you would like to call home? Start by registering your interest to receive ongoing information and an invitation to the sales launch. You can easily register using the form available for the relevant neighbourhood or area here on our website. It is completely free of charge and there is no obligation on your part.

  2. First meeting
    Ahead of the sales launch, we will invite you to a first meeting. At the meeting, you will find out more about the local amenities, look at floor plans, and see which interior styles are available and which optional extra style choices you can make. At our first meetings, you will also get acquainted with the team who work with the neighbourhood and receive information about how to book your home once sales get under way.

  3. Digital queuing system
    When sales is about to start, you need to register in our digital queue. Once the queue system has been closed, the estate agent will contact everyone according to their queue number. This usually happens the following day. When booking a home, you pay a booking fee, which is then deducted from your final payment.

  4. Signing the contract
    Once you have booked your future home, we will go through all the details, so you have full control over your home purchase. Buying a new home is one of the biggest transactions of your life – and we also want it to be the best. This is why we offer extended guarantees to you, possession protection, protection in case of double housing costs, unemployment protection and protection in case of death. Once you have read and understood the information, you will sign a binding agreement and make a down payment on your future home. We will then keep in continuous contact via meetings and updates until it is time for you to move in.

  5. Interior design
    You have found your dream home and signed the contract – now let the fun begin. It is time to think about how you want to decorate your home. Some of our homes come with ready-made interiors; for others, you make your own choices with the help of our interior design coordinators. Whichever applies in your case, we will invite you to a meeting where we go through the interior design. Your price already includes a tasteful basic style with timeless material choices. If you want to give your home a personal touch, you can choose style concepts and optional extra packages at an additional cost. Please ask your interior design coordinator what applies to your home.

  6. Inspection and move-in
    Now your home is almost ready, but first it is time for an inspection. We will invite you to a meeting to explain how it works, and we will also take you through the logistics surrounding your move. The final inspection is always carried out by an impartial inspector and attended by representatives from Bonava. If you are buying a residence with ownership rights (äganderätt), you will be called to attend the inspection. If you are buying a tenant-owned association (bostadsrätt), it is up to you whether you attend or not. Any faults the inspector finds are noted on the record and are taken care of. After two years, another inspection is carried out.

  7. Time to move in
    Now it is finally time to unlock the door of your new home. We have agreed on a time and place for the handover in ahead of time before your move-in date. This is when you make your final payment. You will receive a digital folder containing everything you need to know about your new home, including information about warranties, inspections, care instructions and user manuals.