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Buying a home with ownership rights (äganderätt)

First of all – a mortgage commitment

Before signing an agreement to buy a home with ownership rights, you should ensure that the purchase can be financed. Contact one or more banks to secure a mortgage commitment and the best possible financing for your new home.

Signing a contract

The contract to purchase a property is legally required to be in writing, which is why you should always sign a purchase contract when buying a home with ownership rights. A purchase contract refers to the property, for example the building plot. The purchase contract specifies, among other things, the price, the down payment and the date of taking possession of the property.

Upon purchase, you will also sign a construction contract for the house to be built on your plot. The contract specifies, among other things, the parties’ obligations. It is supplemented with ABS 18 (General Provisions for Single-Family House Contracts), which has been established by the Swedish Consumer Agency and representatives of the construction industry. These are provisions aimed at safeguarding the interests of both parties and preventing disputes.

These agreements are binding on all parties, are only valid in conjunction with each other, and are signed at the same time. They are linked to each other in such a way that if one of them ceases to apply before the date of taking possession, the other agreement also ceases to apply.

At the time of signing the purchase and construction contracts, you pay a down payment of SEK 250,000. The remaining part of the purchase price is paid when you get access to your new home.

The bill of sale is your receipt

Once you have made the final payment, the purchase is confirmed with a bill of sale. The bill of sale is signed when you get access to your new home.

Getting a title deed once the purchase is complete

When buying a property, you must apply for a title deed at the Swedish National Land Survey. This must be done after you have received the bill of sale, which is sent to the Land Registration Authority for the registration and issue of a title deed. This is normally handled by your bank. The title deed is a valuable document and proof that you are the owner of the property.

At the time of obtaining a title deed, you are obliged to pay stamp duty. For private persons, this currently corresponds to 1.5% of the purchase price of the property. You must also pay an administrative fee to the Swedish National Land Survey for registering and issuing the title deed.

Mortgage certificate provides security

When you borrow money to buy a property, the bank requires some form of security for the loan. Such security may consist of a mortgage certificate of the property. The mortgage certificate is proof that a mortgage has been taken out on the property at the Swedish National Land Survey. A new mortgage certificate currently costs 2% of the mortgage certificate’s amount, plus an administrative fee. This is usually taken care of by the financing bank.